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Samson Onovae

Director of Student Outreach


About Me

Samson is the director of university student outreach.  He was born into an average Nigerian family of nine and graduated with a Medical Degree from the Uzhhorod Medical University, Ukraine, in 2015.

He arrived in Ukraine with the goal of becoming a medical doctor, but God had other plans for his life.  During his studies in Ukraine, he found Jesus and became a passionate follower.  He had a calling from God to share the authentic Gospel to other young adults who were like him.  After graduation, Samson turned his back on a lucrative career in medicine. He also gave up the possibility of returning back to his country by seeking asylum in Ukraine due to the life-threatening situation faced by Christians in His country.


He has a gift of building relationships with students that he meets on the street who come from all corners of the world.  He served as a student pastor during his studies renting a meeting hall at the boarding home in which he resided.  He then joined our team in leading an outreach to university students and serves the youth in a local church where he met his wife Ksenia.  They are expecting their first son as of this writing.  Together, he and Ksenia disciple students, teach the Word of God, and stirs the hearts to live passionately for Jesus.  He also operates a YouTube channel reaching out to young people around the world.

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