Transform Uzhhorod Alliance

The Transform Uzhhorod Alliance is currently comprised of six churches and eight organizations committed to helping the physically, socially, and spiritually oppressed people of our city.  By coming together, we can more effectively bring transformation to our city.  We currently work together within four project groups – Children at Risk, Rroma Community, and IDPs.



Church of Jesus Christ            Victor Fontash
Church of Revival                   Stepan Fecho
Church of the Living God      Sergey Lapchuk       
Light For The Nations            Igor Minenko           
     Messianic Congregation 
New Hope Baptist Church    Oleksandr Pavelchuk
NGO Fruitful Seed                Darina Horvat           
NGO Hope & Life Ukraine    Volodymyr Serhachov
                                                Mike Hallenbeck      
NGO Isaiah 19                       I-Hsin Yang               
NGO Let’s Help                     Eugene Yevdokimov
NGO Nehemiah                   Tetiana Machabeli        

NGO One Collective           Douglas Landro      

NGO RD                               Igor Minenko                        

NGO Shade For Children   Lena White                       

                                              Clinton White          
Salvation Church                 Robert Hornyak