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Social Nanny Project

Total Need:  $0

We have partnered with Uzhhorod Social Services and NGO Nehemiah in developing the Social Nanny project.  The goal of the project is to allow parents of special needs children to have time to spend together and with their other children.  Being a parent of a special need child is a full-time job, and often the main care person, usually the mother, has little time to spend with their spouse and other children.  Uzhhorod Social Services has developed a program which trains workers in the care of special needs children to serve these families so they can spend quantity and quality time together.  We have provided the funds to cover half of the salaries of these workers for the time of the pilot program.  NGO Nehemiah has provided the other half of the funds.  Once the program is deemed successful, the City of Uzhhorod will allocate funds to keep the program running.

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