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Carpathian Homes 

Social Business

Total Need:  $41,000

Total Raised:  $31,000

Current Need: $10,000

Carpathian Homes was born during a discussion about the roots of problems faced by the Rroma communities we are serving.  Lack of dignity appeared as the root of several problems that the Rroma face.  And so, we began to think about ways we can instill dignity into the lives of Rroma young people.  We settled on serving others as the main way that a person achieves dignity.  We began brainstorming ways that we could train Rroma young people in serving others.

One of our Alliance members was a private construction worker who dreamed of training underprivileged youth in construction giving them a life skill.  The need to make the project self-sustaining led to Carpathian Homes where we build “tiny” homes.  Not only would we give these youth job skill training, but we could also give them a job.  And the company would also assist impoverished families with necessary home repairs.  And as a bonus, the community would see Rroma young people serving impoverished Ukrainian families, thus bringing down some of the racial false presuppositions that Rroma only take and never give.  And by building “tiny” homes, we also make affordable housing to many low-income families.

The money we need to raise will allow us to build a workshop, purchase the necessary tools, build a model home, and provide the operating funds for the first year of the business.

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