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Rroma Pensioner Food Supplements

Total Need:  $350 in monthly pledges

Current Support:  $30 in monthly pledges

Current Need:  $320 in monthly pledges

Life in the Rroma communities of Uzhhorod is hard.  The Rroma live in extreme poverty, some even with open roofs making the cold winters harsh.  Mothers often travel to a nearby trash bin early in the morning while their children are still asleep in search of food for the day.  Except for the few Rroma who are fortunate to clean the streets and sidewalks, work in the market, or get a temporary construction job, many of the Rroma are forced to rummage through garbage for food and recyclables or beg on the street for their sustenance.  For the elderly it is even harder as only begging is their real option if they are alone with no one to care for them.

Church of Jesus Christ, a Rroma church that serves with us in the Transform Uzhhorod Alliance, has stepped in to care for this vulnerable population.  Unable to even pay their pastor a salary, they use what little they have to provide food for the elderly.  Each month they provide food supplements to 100 pensioners.  They cover half of the funds and we have pledged the other half.  I have had many of these elderly women come to me with hugs of appreciation exclaiming that they would not be alive without this help.  And many have become followers of Jesus as a result.  Click             to read just one of the stories of life transformation.  

We had been fully funded until COVID-19 hit and all but one of our supporters could no longer support the ministry.  We now need to rebuild this support base.  We are asking on followers of Jesus to organize their Sunday School class or Home Group to provide $50 a month.  We need six such groups to bring this ministry back to full funding so that we can provide the life-changing food which is necessary.

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