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Chicken & Goat CO-OP

Total Need:  $135 per goat

The Chicken & Goat Co-Op is a social program providing a constant supply of food and milk to impoverished families.  We supply 10 hens and a rooster to an impoverished family.  The flock will produce 2500 eggs a year which supplies the necessary protein for a family of four with extra eggs to sell to cover the cost of chicken feed.  Each family hatches 40 eggs a year to provide 10 hens and a rooster to another impoverished family, and to replenish their flock.  In this way the number of families benefitting from the chickens doubles each year.

We also provide a goat to the family to provide milk.  These we must purchase for each family.  A goat costs approximately $135.

If you would like to provide a goat for a family you can make a donation using the link below.

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