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Rroma Community Park

Total Need:  $37,000

Currently Raised:  $8,500

Current Need:  $28,500

The children of Uzhansky and Yama Rroma camps have nowhere to play except on the dangerous streets of Uzhansky and Hranitna where they sometimes fall victims of being hit by trucks in this heavy factory zone.  Together these two communities comprise about 80% of the Rroma in Uzhhorod.  Between these two camps is land that has been dumped on by garbage for decades, having accumulated around 2 meters (6 feet) of garbage.  The toxic gases emitted by this rubbish, and the bacteria leached into the nearby Uzh River, only adds to the oppressive ill health that the Rroma are subjected to suffer.  This is no environment for children to spend their formative years.


We have partnered with the City of Uzhhorod to remove this noxious waste and turn it into a football (soccer) field and playground for the children.  The city legislature has already voted to change the status of this land from factory use to park use.

Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 16.31.13.jpeg

Stage One ($15,000) – Clear the Debris

The first stage will be to remove the wall of trash not only on the park, but on the neighboring vacant land as well.  It is estimated that it will take 300 dump trucks to haul all this trash away.  We have already raised nearly over half of the funds needed to accomplish this task.  We need another $6,500 to clear this land and build cement benches along the perimeter to stop future dumping on the land.


Stage Two ($10,000) – Build the Football Field

We need to level the field, slope the land, and build drainage under the field so that it is not mired in mud most of the year.  We also need to fix the road with a drainage system as it is a lake for most of the year.  We will then border the field with benches and provide two goal posts.  We will also build a wall to divide a small area where dumpsters will be placed to keep the park clean.  The local Rroma churches will rotate monthly in keeping the park clean.

Stage Three ($12,000) – Build playground and picnic tables


We are partnering with                                      who will refurbish quality and safe playground equipment and ship it to Ukraine.  We will also provide several picnic tables for families to enjoy spending time together in the park under the giant tree we will preserve.  Here is our vision of what the mountain of trash will become.

playground (3).png
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