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Ministry Center – Connections Café

Total Need:  $950 in monthly pledges

Current Support:  $600 in monthly pledges / $200 in café sales

Current Need:  $150 in monthly pledges

Our Ministry Center is the heart of our work in Uzhhorod.  It is designed to be a place where people can gather and connect – whether for ministry or for life.  During the day it is Connections Café where customers can come and be introduced to the many facets of our transformation work in the city and have a great cup of coffee.  Our staff is friendly and builds relationships with our customers, and the air is filled with Christian worship music.  Many people tell us that there is something different about the atmosphere in our café.  Perhaps it is because of the literal prayer foundation that lies beneath the tiles (many of you submitted prayers which were written on the floor before the tiles were laid).

In the evening the place bursts with ministry outreach.  Teenagers come every Friday evening, and Saturday it is full of University Students.  These evenings are designed to build relationships and share the love of Jesus in actions and words.  On other evenings you might find an evangelistic Alpha Course meal, a worship night, a gathering of prayer warriors, a Christian training event, or a Short-Term Team taking a relaxing evening after a hard day of ministry.  The Ministry Center is also used for the various gatherings of the Transform Uzhhorod Alliance.

It costs us $950 in rent and utilities for a space of 265 m2 (870 f2) that is used for ministry, our offices, and a humanitarian storage room.  We currently have a generous donor that covers $600 a month, plus the café on average generates enough profit to cover another $200.  So, we are only shy around $150 a month to fully support our Ministry Center.

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