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Group Home for Adults with Special Needs Project

Total Need:  $332,000

Current Support:  $34,300

Current Need:  $287,700


Provide a group home to love and nurture adults with special needs with 24-hour care.


There are around 65 adults with special needs in the city of Uzhhorod.  The parents of these adults are concerned what will happen to their children after they are unable to care for them or have passed away.

Currently there is only one choice, which is a government-run institution that throws these adults with special needs into the same building with adults with neurological and psychological problems.  This is not a healthy situation.  The men are sent to a large institution located in the village of Turya Remeta in the Perechin region which houses up to 300 people.  The women are sent to a smaller institution located in the city of Mukachave.  The living conditions of these institutions are horrendous (although the women’s institution is a little more acceptable as it is in a city).  Both are closed facilities where patients are not allowed to leave.  These institutions provide no family care, counseling or career training.  They only offer food and a bed.  It is a virtual prison for these adults with special needs.


Currently a community center operates for around 18 adults with special needs in the city of Uzhhorod.  It is a joint partnership between the Church of the Transfiguration (Greek Catholic), charity fund Caritas, and local NGO Nadia (Hope).  One Collective also participates in their many activities for adults with special needs.  At this community center they offer socialization opportunities around crafts, music, and dance.  The center also houses the church offices.  Altogether, they share around 400 sq. m.  The church covers all of the utilities for the center and the programs are run rent-free by Caritas and Nadia.

The plan is to build a second storey which will include eight small apartments with private bathrooms, each room for two adults.  It will also include a kitchen, dining room, living area, and medical office.  There will be an elevator to access the second floor.  The total plan would be 350-400 sq. m.

Services provided by this Group Home residence will include:

        - Accommodation with inpatient care;
        - Home care and Day care;
        - Social adaptation and integration with community;
        - Emergency crisis intervention;
        - Counseling services;
        - Legal mediation services;

        - Physical support of persons with disabilities who have muscular-skeletal disorders                     with provision of wheelchairs and visual aids;
        - Communication with sign language;
        - Education on their personal rights;
        - Social support in finding employment;
        - Social enterprise to provide employment;
        - Training in professional skills;
        - Assistance in obtaining asylum.


The construction work will cost $290,000, with an additional $32,000 for furnishings.  Monthly operational expenses (salaries, utilities, food, and medical supplies) will come to $6000 - $8500 depending on the season (winter will be more expensive due to heating).  That comes to $375 - $550 a month per resident.  The residents will provide payment with 70% of their government subsidy to cover some of this monthly expense.  In addition, the regional government will cover the salaries and utilities of the center.  The Greek Catholic diocese and Catholic-charity Caritas have pledged to cover the balance of the monthly expenses.


Church of the Transfiguration (Uzhhorod – Greek Catholic)
Nadia NGO
One Collective
Roman Catholic Church in Germany
Rotary Club – Uzhhorod Chapter

Funds Needed:

The total needed for construction and furnishing of the Group Home is $322,000.  The local chapter of the Rotary Club has pledged $23,000 to provide the elevator and the German Roman Catholic Church has given $11,300 towards the repair of the roof.  Therefore, we need an additional $287,700 to complete this project.

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