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Join the Team

Transformation - It's what God is doing around the globe. Each day he invites us to journey deeper with him and others. 

Ways to serve:

  • Short-Term (Intern) - up to 3 months​

  • Long-Term - 2 or more years ​

Short-term teams aren't short lived. As part of Integrated Community Transformation, they help fuel long-term transformation ensuring that no one is invisible and everyone has access to food, freedom, and forgiveness.

Do you want to help transform? Do you want to be transformed? Come and start an intentional spiritual journey to see the invisible. Your invitation is waiting.

Become a

Financial Partner

 The Great Commission is not the Great Suggestion.  We are all commanded to spread the great news of salvation provided by Jesus Christ to the ends of the world.  But not everyone needs to physically "go",
instead many are called to "go" by partnering with those who do physically go. Our team has many projects that Jesus has laid on our hearts to accomplish, and He may be now prodding you to join by partnering with us in providing the financial support.  Click on the "Partner" button and prayerfully consider a ministry that Jesus wants you to partner with us.

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