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Our team in Uzhhorod works in a variety of ways.

  • We have founded the Transform Uzhhorod Alliance which is currently made up of 6 local churches and 9 Christian NGOs that have come together to help the oppressed people of Uzhhorod.

  • We work with Rroma churches to improve the living conditions within their communities by providing clean drinking water, better roads, safe parks, access to vital medicine and food supplements for the elderly, improved care at the local polyclinic, garbage removal, etc.

  • We build relationships with local and international university students and bring them closer to Christ.  We lead discipleship groups and prepare international students to become leaders back in their own countries when they return.

  • We lead summer camps for children at risk including orphans, refugees, and children from single-parents and multi-sibling homes.  

  • We visit and love the many orphans and foster children around Uzhhorod and organize volunteers to ensure that abandoned babies are held every day.

  • We aid adults and children with special needs.

  • We provide skill training for underprivileged youth.

  • We assist families in poverty with food and home repair.

  • We assist local churches in building effective teenage outreach ministries. 

  • We operate a local cafe where people can come together in a safe environment over great coffee and connect.

  • We provide housing for hundreds of internally displaced Ukrainians due to the war with Russia.

  • But most importantly, we share the love of Jesus with all we come into contact with through our various ministries.

Marble Surface

Meet The Team

Marble Surface
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Doug Landro

Team Leader

ДН21_ (118)_edited.jpg

Marina Landro

Director of Connections Cafe


Mirifa Miri

University Student worker and Web Page Designer

Marble Surface

Christian Babzho

Administrative Assistant to              Team Leader


Samson Onovae

Director of Student Outreach


 I-Hsin Yang

Consultant for Carpathian Homes

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