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Camp and Retreat Center

Total Need:  $30,000

History:  The need for a camp and retreat center came from the Rroma churches which had no affordable place to hold camps for their youth.  RD, a member of the Transform Uzhhorod Alliance, had already purchased a half-acre of land to build a retreat center within walking distance of the Uzh River and Orikhivtsi Lake.  This retreat center would have cabins and a meeting hall for up to 25 people.

Location:  The proposed camp is a five-minute walk to public park access to the Uzh River, ten-minute walk to public bus stop that is connected to Uzhhorod train station, and a fifteen-minute walk to a community lake for swimming.

Development Plan:  Purchase another half-acre of land next to the RD property.  These two lots already contain two small homes of 30m2 and 20m2.  We would add a second floor to the larger house and add a two-story addition (5mX15m) adjacent to the larger home.  The current first floor of the house would be the camp offices.  The first floor of the addition would be the kitchen (20m2) and dining hall/meeting hall (55m2).  The combined second floor would be rooms to house an additional 30 people. The land would then be cleared and levelled to allow for a parking lot and area for tent campers (up to 20 people).  In addition, sewage and bathroom facilities would be built.  The smaller home would be used for storage.

Ministry Plan:  The resulting camp and retreat center would be able to accommodate up to 75 people (55 in rooms and 20 in tents).  Alliance members would be able to use at a reduced rent to cover expenses.  We would have the dining/meeting hall on the Alliance property and the smaller hall on the RD property for meetings.

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