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                                                               Project Groups

  Children at Risk

             The Children at Risk Project Group focuses mainly on the smooth transition               from an orphan care system to a foster care system.  We work together to                   build the  structures that are necessary for a foster care system – adoption                 services, foster family support systems, patronats (temporary homes),                         transition homes, and support for families with special needs children.

  NGO Nehemiah (chair)
  NGO One Collective
  NGO Shade For Children

 Rroma Community

           The Rroma Community Project Group looks at root problems within the                     Rroma community and provides solutions.

  Church of Jesus Christ (chair)
  Church of Revival
  NGO Fruitful Seed
  NGO Hope & Life Ukraine
  NGO One Collective
  Salvation Church


          The IDPs Project Group assists families displaced by the Russian invasion of              Ukraine in February 2022.  We provide temporary housing, longer-term                      housing, food, medical assistance, transportation services, and trauma care.

  Church of Jesus Christ
  Church of the Living God
  Light for the Nations Messianic Congregation
  New Hope Baptist Church
  NGO Isaiah 19
  NGO Let’s Help
  NGO One Collective (chair)

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